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in Less Than One Minute 


Our process at Apex ensures that you can get the best Real Estate Virtual Assistants carefully chosen among applicants and nurtured by trainers who know how to make your business a success at the most affordable hourly rate.


The process of getting the best REVA for you is easy. We will walk you through 5 simple steps in achieving our goal.



We will help you put together a Job Description that fits your current needs which should include all duties for your new team member to perform in a bulleted list. Ideally, your tasks will not be too difficult and may be repetitive.


We start the search: Our candidate searches are conducted using sources that include job sites, job advertisements, social media, referrals, and our own database of potential candidates.


Out of the pool of endorsed candidates that we present to you,  you’re free to interview any or all of them to select the new team member you like best.


Once you’ve selected the winning candidate, we’ll formalize their job offer and onboard them, and  they’ll start working for you. You will get assigned to an account manager who will be your  permanent contact person and mediator between you and your REVA.


There will be a two-week extensive training program. We train your  REVA on specifically what they will be calling on for you. This can include but is not limited to Circle Prospecting, Expired/Withdrawn,  FSBOs, Internet Leads, Sign Calls/Text Riders, Sphere of Influence,  social media management, data entry, etc.

Besides script training, we also train on mindset, customer service skills, technical support skills, rapport skills, basic real estate terminology, and habits to become an amazing REVA. These items are continuously touched on during the daily/weekly training that our support team provides.


Rules of Engagement

  • We can find you one, some but you can't have none.

  • We like our clients to be borderline obsessive-compulsive and be highly focused on growth.

  • It is a must that our clients have a sense of humor, as some mistakes are inevitable along the outsourcing journey — but these are always opportunities for learning.

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