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Let us help you simplify your life

Providing highly trained and dedicated Real Estate Virtual Assistants to assist with all aspects of your business. Experienced in Cold Calling, Administrative Support, and more to ensure your goals are being met and increase the efficiency of your business.  Our VA's will help you with your tasks so you can focus on what's more important


Get More Done With an Administrative Virtual Assistant

Your Real Estate Virtual Assistant (REVA) can take care of administrative tasks such as email filtering, calendar management and database organization. Let your REVA help you systematize your processes in place and help your business become more organized and productive.


Some tasks that they can do but are not limited to are Email Filtering, Calendar Management, Database Organization, Online Research, Data Mining and Lead Generation, Document Template Creation, Deadline/Deliverables Tracking, Preparing Online Meetings, Preparation of Training Material


Real Estate Virtual Assistant

Your Real Estate Virtual Assistant can call your seller and buyer leads and do other outbound calls such as circle prospecting and cold calling. They can manage your listings, coordinate your transactions, and even do market research for potential buyers, sellers, and investors for your properties. Our REVAs possess the technical skills to manage your real estate tasks and allow you to focus on closing deals.


Some tasks that they can do but are not limited to are Cold Calling and Prospecting, Lead Follow up, Database Management, Listings Management, Appointment setting, SMS, campaign, CRM Management, Transaction Assistance, Email Marketing, Create Drip Campaigns, Carrying out Email Marketing and Manage Email Lists. Calling FSBOs, Expired, Internet Leads and Manage Social Media Pages.


Lead Generation

  • Outbound Motivated Seller Cold Calling

  • Call Any Lists You Provide, FSBOS, FRBOS, Probate, Pre-       Foreclosure, Absentee Owners, etc.

  • Networking Leads Added to CRM

  • Take All Inbound Sign Calls

  • Inbound Lead Information Gathering


Increase the number of leads being generated by calling on purchased leads, new potential clients, and clients existing in your database. Apex REVA provides highly talented and trained cold callers with a go-getter attitude and strong communication skills.


Lead Follow-Up and Lead Conversion

  • Lead cultivation follow-up calls

  • Follow-Up Emails

  • Listing Feedback Follow-Up Calls

  • Lead Appointment Setting


Implementing a strong follow-up process is crucial because 70% of sales require at least 5 follow-up calls to close a deal. With the help of Apex REVA ISA's in following up with the clients, it has been shown to enhance the number of deals your team closes.


50 S Steele St, Denver, CO, United States, Colorado


Tel: +1 303-596-9652

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